Genius Organizing Trick

Organizing trick

Is the back of your kitchen cupboards a black hole that swallows up canned goods and small packages?

Have you ever gone grocery shopping for some basics that you swore you had, only to put them away and find a supply of it in the back of the cupboard?

Yeah, me too. I hated it.
…HATED it!

It was also a royal pain in the tush to finagle the bottom can from a stack of cans three rows deep.

“Mom, what’s for dinner?”

“Sloppy Joes.” (…Now where in the heck is the tomato paste and that packet? I swore I bought it the other day.) “Cancel that, we’re having spaghetti.”

So I stole a genius organizing tip from my mom who always keeps her spice bottles on a double-decker lazy susan.

Aha! I stacked all of those annoying cans on a lazy susan! …or three.

These spinny babies have followed me from house to house, kitchen to kitchen, and I’ll never organize my cupboards without them. Even my neighbor went out and bought lazy susans after she saw this in my cupboard.

They’re sized to fit in standard upper kitchen cupboards, and some are single decker, some are double decker – you’ll have to see what your local store has. Most big box stores ending in “–mart” sell them. I’m thrifty and will price shop at several stores before buying them, and have never paid more than about $8 for one, and no more than $10 for a double decker. If you’re so inclined, you can pay more at a Fancy Store (like one that sells things for your bed, your bath, and beyond those two rooms, for example.) Personally, I’m not so inclined, so I go for the basic version.

Now you can go one step beyond just having super organized cans that you can actually see. Face your labels so they’re all pointing out. That way you only need one hand to see and grab what you need. Saves time.

…So you can study, right? Right.


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