McMenamin’s Pub – Raleigh Hills

Yesterday, the (adult) kiddo and I checked off a big item on our to-do list. We were starving afterward, but instead of grabbing a bite nearby in downtown Portland, we decided to check out a popular pub in Raleigh Hills.

I love the drive from downtown to this part of town: Zoom up Hwy 26 to the Sylvan exit, then gracefully fall down the hill on Scholls Ferry Road. If you have driven this route, you know what I mean when I say “gracefully fall down the hill.” If you’re not familiar with this section of Scholls Ferry Road, it’s a steep, curvy road with a 528ft drop in elevation along the 1.8 mile stretch of road from Hwy 26 down to the pub. In other words, it’s steep. And curvy. Did I mention curvy?

We love this road, especially when we’re not behind someone riding their brake pedal. But enough about the road – we were going to a McMenamin’s.

She had a Monkey Punch cocktail with whiskey and pomegranite juice, and I ordered a half pint of delicious black cherry cider to go with our burgers. We both ordered the Dungeon Burger, McMenny’s version of a mushroom Swiss. Mmmm, with tots and homemade ranch dressing. The picture here is my burger, tots, and cider.

Mine was on a gluten free bun, hers was on a traditional bun. Most McMenamin’s have dedicated fryers for fries and tots, but if you need to be gluten free, ask first just to make sure. In general, they get it and I’ve never had a problem ordering at any of their many restaurants. I’m not super sensitive most of the time, so I can’t speak to cross contamination issues.

After eating, I went over to the restrooms to wash my burger juice scented fingers. Oddly, the ladies’ room was a single room, and the lock doohickey on the door said “Occupied,” but the men’s room door didn’t have a lock, indicating it could accommodate more than one full bladder at a time. Another customer got behind me in line just as I was figuring this out, examined the doors, and voiced my thoughts with, “What the heck is up with that?”

Then she motioned towards the men’s room and asked, “What’s going on in here?” as she pushed the men’s door open. As soon as the door swung shut, we heard a stall door unlock and open in the men’s room.

Ack! Someone’s in there!

She took a step back and pointed at me: “She did it!”

Wait a second, lady, I don’t know you and you’re blaming me for your mischief?
We need to hang out. You’re fun.

A second later, the dude walked out of the men’s room, clueless to what we were up to in the hallway.

Drinks, burgers, and restroom mischief, we had a great meal and rolled out of there with full bellies.

Note to self: This would be a great place to get a bunch of friends together to play Cards Against Humanity or other obnoxious games like Fluxx or Exploding Kittens.


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