Bujo and Depression Tip #1: Start with a Dump List

Like hundreds of people, I am a bullet journaler with depression.

This is the first post in a series about how to successfully manage your bullet journal while also managing depression.  If you missed the intro post explaining what this is about. please check out this post to learn more.

I recently reached out to a group of Bujo friends (people who Bullet Journal.) When I asked what they suggest to make the to-do list more manageable in this situation, I was overwhelmed with helpful ideas and we had a lot of great discussion on the subject. The ideas shared were simple and totally doable. In fact, I found these ideas too good to keep to myself.

One of these ideas is to start with a dump list, then edit, or simply work from there.

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If you struggle with depression or some other situation that makes it difficult to tackle a daily to-do list, perhaps you may find this helpful as well.

Starting with a dump list gets it out of your head and on paper, so you don’t have to manage all those thoughts, ideas, and things you need to remember. Keeping it all in your head can be stressful and overwhelming. Don’t worry about trying to get it all done in one day. You can pick something to tackle right away if you’re motivated, but we’ll talk about what to do with this big list in the next post.

One of my Bujo friends starts a new page labeled “Current Events,” where she writes a giant list of things she needs to do and what is on her mind. She even includes the books she’s reading. She works from that one page most of the month. On a good day, this would actually streamline things, like making all the phone calls in a batch, or take a day to run all the errands.

Because your Bujo is a collection of living documents that can change at any moment, go ahead and add items as they come up, a day later, a week later, whenever. As long as this particular Dump List is active, you can add to it.

What do you think of this idea? Do you think it would help you figure out what’s in store for you over the next week or month?

Have you done a Dump List in your Bujo? How has this changed how you approach your to-do list? Has it made a difference for you?


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