After surviving some life crap a few years ago, I decided I was quite unhappy with my life. Three years ago I started my first ever five-year plan, and am now happily in the middle of reinventing myself. Despite all the changes I have boldly made so far, life has never been this good.

Along my journey, I have learned how to trade things like fear and poverty for self esteem and abundance. I love who I’m becoming and my whole life is transforming.

In this blog, I’ll share what I’ve learned about survival, healing, and thriving.

One of the items in my five-year plan was to return to school and finish my degree. I’ve actually started this! At this time, I’m a 40+ full time college student and love it.

Between homework and housework, I try to squeeze out a little time here and there to take pictures, go on a few road trips, and spend quality time with my family AND with my sewing machine.

I live in Portland with my adult daughter and my boyfriend, and our goofy, smart, lumpy old dog.

Hey, old dogs get lumpy.

If you’re out and about in Portland, you might see me being silly at the grocery store. Or seeing if I can get frowny strangers to laugh. (I do that a lot.) Or taking pictures of something worth a doubletake.

My socks don’t always match because I like it that way.

Life is good right now. It’s really, really good.