Geology Class Field Trip

This walking tour of downtown, pointing out geologic points of interest was lots of fun. As we walked up to each place, I read the paragraph describing the building materials and a brief story of the building's construction. If there was a historical marker at the site, we read that, too.


School Update

Econ midterm tomorrow. This is my lunchtime study room.  Life is good.  PS: I love this class.  PPS: One of my classmates complimented me on my notes. I find that amusing.

College Food Pro Tip

Today's pro tip is: When you're dining in the cafeteria, pay attention. Watch for outliers: What items haven't you seen there before? Which things would you expect to see at a nice restaurant, not in a college cafeteria? Cruise through the salad bar, burger and sandwich stations to see what's new. You might find a... Continue Reading →


College and Blog Update

I'm about halfway done with my second term in college, and here's a status report on what's going on this term:


How I Use My Bullet Journal to Track College Homework

Since starting school a couple weeks ago, I realized I needed a foolproof way to stay on top of homework assignments and test dates. Even though I'm smart enough to do well in all my classes, I am also savvy enough to know that not keeping a close eye on dates would get me in trouble fast, and I would flunk out.


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