Statistics Homework

…Later that evening, I read it aloud to my adult daughter, who was shocked and horrified that I had the nerve to submit this homework. The next day, I read it to a girlfriend, who laughed so hard I thought she might stop breathing. Continue reading Statistics Homework


Geology Class Field Trip

Both my Geology Class and Geology Lab offered self guided field trips for extra credit. I’m the kind of student who takes advantage of extra credit every time it’s offered, regardless of how good my grades already are, so I did them.

I mapped out the points of interest, printed out the paperwork, and slapped them on a clipboard, then Dave and I hopped on the bus to downtown. He’s not a college student, but he and I share a fascination with cool stuff. Like rocks. Continue reading “Geology Class Field Trip”

How I Use My Bullet Journal to Track College Homework


Since starting school a couple weeks ago, I realized I needed a foolproof way to stay on top of homework assignments and test dates. Even though I’m smart enough to do well in all my classes, I am also savvy enough to know that not keeping a close eye on dates would get me in trouble fast, and I could would flunk out. 

Continue reading “How I Use My Bullet Journal to Track College Homework”