McMenamin’s Pub – Raleigh Hills

A second later, the dude walked out of the men's room, clueless to what we were up to in the hallway. Good. Whew. Drinks, burgers, and restroom mischief, we had a great meal and rolled out of there with full bellies. Note to self: This would be a great place to get a bunch of friends together to play Cards Against Humanity or other obnoxious games like Fluxx or Exploding Kittens.


Genius Organizing Trick

Is the back of your kitchen cupboards a black hole that swallows up canned goods and small packages? Have you ever gone grocery shopping for some basics that you swore you had, only to put them away and find a supply of it in the back of the cupboard? Yeah, me too. I hated it. It was also a royal pain in the tush to finagle the bottom can from a stack of cans three rows deep. But then I stole a genius organizing tip from my mom.

Oak & Olive Ristorante

After weeks of dreary weather, the kid and I decided to venture out to the charming village of Hillsdale for lunch.  This, it turns out, was an excellent idea.


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