Burgers at Tom’s Fish and Chips in Cannon Beach

Toms Fish and Chips - Cannon Beach

On Easter weekend, we decided to drive to Ecola State Park to do some whale watching. Ecola State Park is just north of the coastal town of Cannon Beach, so after spending a couple hours enjoying the view and excitedly pointing at whale spouts,

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McMenamin’s Pub – Raleigh Hills

Yesterday, the (adult) kiddo and I checked off a big item on our to-do list. We were starving afterward, but instead of grabbing a bite nearby in downtown Portland, we decided to check out a popular pub in Raleigh Hills.

I love the drive from downtown to this part of town: Zoom up Hwy 26 to the Sylvan exit, then gracefully fall down the hill on Scholls Ferry Road. If you have driven this route, you know what I mean when I say “gracefully fall down the hill.” If you’re not familiar with this section of Scholls Ferry Road, it’s a steep, curvy road¬†with a 528ft drop in elevation along the 1.8 mile stretch of road from Hwy 26 down to the pub. In other words, it’s steep. And curvy. Did I mention curvy? Continue reading “McMenamin’s Pub – Raleigh Hills”

Genius Organizing Trick

Is the back of your kitchen cupboards a black hole that swallows up canned goods and small packages? Have you ever gone grocery shopping for some basics that you swore you had, only to put them away and find a supply of it in the back of the cupboard? Yeah, me too. I hated it. It was also a royal pain in the tush to finagle the bottom can from a stack of cans three rows deep. But then I stole a genius organizing tip from my mom. Continue reading Genius Organizing Trick