School Update

Econ midterm tomorrow. This is my lunchtime study room.  Life is good.  PS: I love this class.  PPS: One of my classmates complimented me on my notes. I find that amusing.


College Food Pro Tip

Today's pro tip is: When you're dining in the cafeteria, pay attention. Watch for outliers: What items haven't you seen there before? Which things would you expect to see at a nice restaurant, not in a college cafeteria? Cruise through the salad bar, burger and sandwich stations to see what's new. You might find a... Continue Reading →

After planning what herbs and flowers I wanted to plant last summer, Dave and I agreed that it would be nice if we could put the pots up on our patio railing so we could see them from the living room. Unfortunately, we have squirrels who are jerks and we knew those jerks would push... Continue Reading →

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