McMenamin’s Pub – Raleigh Hills

Yesterday, the (adult) kiddo and I checked off a big item on our to-do list. We were starving afterward, but instead of grabbing a bite nearby in downtown Portland, we decided to check out a popular pub in Raleigh Hills.

I love the drive from downtown to this part of town: Zoom up Hwy 26 to the Sylvan exit, then gracefully fall down the hill on Scholls Ferry Road. If you have driven this route, you know what I mean when I say “gracefully fall down the hill.” If you’re not familiar with this section of Scholls Ferry Road, it’s a steep, curvy road with a 528ft drop in elevation along the 1.8 mile stretch of road from Hwy 26 down to the pub. In other words, it’s steep. And curvy. Did I mention curvy? Continue reading “McMenamin’s Pub – Raleigh Hills”