Bujo and Depression Tip #4: Decide What You Will Work On THAT Day

Normally, I would have a little anxiety attack at this point. Too many things to do, no idea where to start. You're probably going to roll your eyes at this, but I didn't realize I was allowed to do this until someone pointed it out to me. It's so simple it's ridiculous: Each day, look at your list and decide what you will work on. Ok, there's a little more to this, but that's basically it. Just pick what you feel you're able to do. Here are some things to consider when deciding what to do:


Bujo and Depression Tip #2: Eliminate Your Dailies

How many times do you migrate the same task from one day to the next day, to the next day, to the next day, etc? How does this make you feel when you’re struggling to check off everything on each Daily list, and migrating those unfinished tasks? Stressed out? Overwhelmed? More depressed? Exactly.

Bujo and Depression Tip #1: Start with a Dump List

Starting with a dump list gets it out of your head and on paper, so you don’t have to manage all those thoughts, ideas, and things you need to remember. Keeping it all in your head can be stressful and overwhelming. Don’t worry about trying to get it all done in one day.

How To Successfully Manage Your Bullet Journal While Managing Depression

In my quest to put an end to the unfinished to-do list anxiety and to figure out how to GSD (get shit done) that has to be done when I’m having a week of bad days, I started to examine my current Bujo habits, then I reached out to a group of Bujo friends and asked what they suggest to make the to-do list more manageable in this situation. I was overwhelmed with helpful ideas and we had lot of great discussion on the subject. The ideas shared were simple and totally doable. In fact, I found these ideas too good to keep to myself.

Ten Steps to Building Self-Confidence

At first I was happy to see that things went smoothly. I could do this on my own. Then I started making changes to improve things, and I was surprised that nothing blew up. One thing led to another, and I slowly grew a spine.

How I Use My Bullet Journal to Track College Homework

Since starting school a couple weeks ago, I realized I needed a foolproof way to stay on top of homework assignments and test dates. Even though I'm smart enough to do well in all my classes, I am also savvy enough to know that not keeping a close eye on dates would get me in trouble fast, and I would flunk out.

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