$5 Friday – Quick & Easy Planter Drain Hack

5-friday-planter-drain-hackForty-three minutes ago:

With a bazillion homework assignments due by tomorrow, I am committed to buckling down and Getting Shit Done. 

Whoa, what’s that outside? Sun? 

So much for my homework-based GSD plans. I’m heading out to the patio. Continue reading “$5 Friday – Quick & Easy Planter Drain Hack”


Patio Planter Inspiration

After planning what herbs and flowers I wanted to plant last summer, Dave and I agreed that it would be nice if we could put the pots up on our patio railing so we could see them from the living room.

Unfortunately, we have squirrels who are jerks and we knew those jerks would push our pots off the railing and smash them onto the patio downstairs. Continue reading “Patio Planter Inspiration”